We pull out all the stops for a tasty barbecue

    Everything for your perfect barbecue

    At last it's barbecue weather! The barbecue is ready, but what will you cook? Juicy steak, tender fish, seafood or crispy vegetables? We've put together recipes, tips and tricks for barbecue experts and those who prefer to keep things simple. So your barbecue will be scrumptious as well as sizzling.

    Current barbecue offers at Coop

    Drinks ideas to make your party sizzle

    Opposites attract – and they do at barbecues, too: when you're eating hot barbecued food you need a nice cold drink. The choice is huge: from traditional lagers to craft beer, fancy cocktails to non-alcoholic refreshments, there's something for everyone. We've put together some facts on people's favourite drinks, and recipes too. What are your favourites?

    Barbecues, tips and services for all kinds of barbecue

    Find everything for a perfect barbecue at Coop Bau+Hobby.
    Do you prefer traditional charcoal, practical electric or convenient gas for your barbecue? Find out which barbecue is right for you at Building & Hobby and discover our wide range of equipment and useful tips.

    Even more ideas in the Coop barbecue magazine

    Find ideas, recipes and more in the Coop barbecue magazine.
    This summer, are you aiming to become a barbecue expert or just looking for new ideas? Then our barbecue magazine is perfect for you! It has even more recipes, tips and useful information for your summer barbecues.

    Delivered fresh – practically to your BBQ.

    Order everything you need for a relaxed BBQ online! Simply select what you need for your BBQ and we'll deliver to your front door: delicious meat from the Coop butcher, freshly packed fish or your entire shopping list.


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