Goodbye meat, hello vegetarian barbecue bliss

Sweet pepper kebabs, juicy marinated tofu and steaming grilled cheese: when grilling these dishes, vegetarians and vegans need to watch out that the meat-eaters do not eat them all up first!

Vegetables in all their varieties: make a success of it with our tips and recipes.

Veggie always works

Hot and juicy vegetables, tofu marinated to perfection and grilled cheese with a fine crust: these are not side dishes, but the stars on the barbecue! The range of meat-free barbecue dishes is huge. So now, keen to discover something new?

For happy vegetable grillers

Stuffed mushrooms (caprese)

Stuffed mushrooms (caprese)

This Mediterranean treat with basil dressing and a crunchy mushroom topping tastes wonderfully aromatic. And takes just 12 mins. to prepare, stuff and grill.

Grilled herb polenta slices

Grilled herb polenta slices

These polenta slices take some preparing, but they're so worth it! And they don't need long on the grill – just 5 mins. on each side. Serve with a crème fraîche, olive and tomato dip for a heavenly combination.

Grilled flatbreads with sweetcorn

Grilled flatbreads with sweetcorn

Too good to simply have as a side dish: Combined with juicy, spicy sweetcorn, these grilled flatbreads make a great vegetarian meal. Plus they are easy to prepare.

No more tofu clichés

The full range of veggie cuisine can be prepared on the barbecue

For variety at a veggie barbecue

For variety at a veggie barbecue

Grilled cheese, kebabs, even tarte flambée: with the right accessories, the barbecue is a real all-rounder. Try grilling a pizza. It works best with a pizza stone. With a suitable pan, pan-fried dishes are also a great success in your outdoor kitchen. And bread twists always work – not just at the camp fire.

Your products for vegetarian barbecues

How to have fun barbecuing without meat:

our tips

Not too long on the grill

Self-marinated is semi-barbecued

What a cheese!

Vegetables for impatient grillers

Get rid of the foil!

To avoid a bitter taste

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