Pure unadulterated barbecue: fine meat from the grill

Tender, juicy and aromatic. Fine meat is the highlight of every barbecue. Whether barbecued or from the smoker, here are the best recipes and tips on preparation.

Cooking times, tips and recipes from flank steak to pork chops.


A special cut of beef, pork or chicken grilled to perfection or a traditional cervelat sausage: barbecue fans love good meat. Find recipes for juicy steaks, the ideal cooking times and tips on smoking meat and barbecuing sausages here.

Steaks to suit every taste

Tomahawk steak

Tomahawk steak

The trendiest of special cuts: the large, thick slices call to mind an Indian tomahawk. Weighing up to 1.6 kg, it is enough to satisfy the hunger of two to three people.

Cooking time when up to 5 cm thick:
• 3 min. each side, direct strong heat
• then leave to simmer over an indirect low heat until the desired core temperature (54-56 degrees) is reached.

Once it has been removed from the barbecue, it needs a little time to rest.

Flank steak

Flank steak

Comparatively lean, yet intense in taste: after barbecuing, flank steak should first be cut in half lengthways, then thinly sliced due to its long fibres.

Cooking time (medium rare):
• 2 min. each side, direct strong heat
• then leave to rest for 2-4 min.

Pork chops

Pork chops

Barbecue the popular classic on the bone, as this gives it more taste and prevents the meat from drying out. Cooked this way, the loin stays particularly juicy.

Cooking time:
• 3 min. each side, direct strong heat
• then 10-15 min., indirect low heat, preferably covered

Chicken steak

Chicken steak

A tasty, low-fat steak for the grill. Before barbecuing, lightly brush the chicken steak with oil and season or directly marinate it – ideally for two hours beforehand.

Cooking time (175-225 g):
• 8-12 min., direct medium heat

FOOBY has the right steak recipe for you

Find and prepare the ideal steak

What should I pay attention to when buying meat?

Which steaks are particularly popular?

Which special cuts are trendy?

How do I best prepare steak?

What makes all the difference when barbecuing?

Five steps is all it takes...

Five steps is all it takes...

Our online butcher offers a large selection of premium Swiss meat – from beef and pork through veal and lamb to poultry.
1. Simply select
2. Order
3. Prepared and packed by your Coop butcher
4. Collected from the butcher by refrigerated vehicle
5. Delivery: top-quality freshness to your door

It couldn’t be more convenient!

Smoking: the perfect smoked aroma takes a lot of patience

Smoking requires time and constant medium temperatures. But the result is worth the effort!

Barbecue in its purest form

Barbecue in its purest form

Only in a smoker does meat develop the particularly intense and distinctive smoked aroma that connoisseurs love. Try it! For smoking, you need the right accessories, the right wood and the right meat. You can get all this from Coop Building & Hobby and your favourite Coop butcher. The only thing you need to bring is a little bit of patience.

Our selection of smokers

Eight mistakes beginners often make when smoking

Getting the perfect smoked flavour into the meat is an art in itself. Although everyone needs to find their own philosophy here, you should always avoid these basic mistakes.

Forgetting to burn in

Before using a new smoker for the first time, it should be “burnt in”; that is to say, lit for one to two hours without anything in it. This gives the grill a kind of protective shield of soot and smoke.

Grilling when hungry

Preparation in a smoker takes longer, so schedule sufficient time, be very patient and, above all, provide small snacks for the meantime. You can find ideas for grilled side dishes at FOOBY.

Using too little seasoning

It is a mistaken belief that the smoked aroma produced by smoking is sufficient to improve grilled foods. Ample spices and marinade are still needed.

Not doing your research

The cooking times and optimum temperature differ enormously from one grilled food to another. You should therefore brief yourself well beforehand and plan the barbecue accordingly.

Using damp wood

Damp wood does not burn well and gives off a lot of smoke. The same goes for coal. Therefore, only use dry fuels.

Grilling at the wrong temperature

The optimal grill temperature depends on the item being grilled. Control vents help you make adjustments. Only once the temperature is constant does the item for grilling go on the barbecue.

Continually opening the cooking chambers

This requires trust in the information on temperature and cooking times. If you keep checking on the item on the grill, the temperature will constantly fluctuate and the result will be worse.

Burning your fingers

When grilling, the entire smoker gets hot. Often, this includes the handles too. Therefore, it is best to wear barbecue gloves and be careful when near the grill.

Traditional, simple, good: grilled sausages

When it comes to sausages, no one has an edge on us. These are our favourites for the ultimate in barbecue enjoyment.


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Our «national sausage» is a short, thick cooked sausage, made mainly from beef and bacon. Klöpfer, Stumpen, Proletenfilet... its names are just as diverse as the ways in which it is prepared: raw, boiled, roasted, grilled, in sausage salad, as goulash, wrapped in or stuffed with cheese and bacon. Each Swiss household consumes around 40 cervelats a year.
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Sausage spiral

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Sausage spiral

The raw bratwurst from the canton of Vaud consists of lean pork and bacon and can measure up to 40 cm in length. Traditionally, the spiral-shaped variety goes on the grill, where it becomes the aromatic highlight thanks to marjoram, nutmeg, mace, ginger, cardamom and medium dry white wine.
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Farmers' bratwurst

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Farmers' bratwurst

The raw, coarse bratwurst made from pork and neck bacon was a typical product of house butchers out in the Swiss countryside. Hence the name. It has a rustic and refined aroma. It becomes even more refined if enriched with aromatic herbs.
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Its name often leads to misunderstandings, as the small bratwurst made to an eastern Swiss recipe has nothing to do with onions. It consists of fine veal, bacon and milk and can be enjoyed roasted or from the grill. In the latter case, preferably in the company of some «colourful companions».
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Veal bratwurst

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Veal bratwurst

A white unsmoked cooked sausage made from veal and pork. It may only be called St. Galler bratwurst if it is made to specifications using at least 50% veal. This tastes best grilled with rolls or bread – mustard on the side is taboo!
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FOOBY has the right recipe for your sausage

Tips for the perfect grilled sausage

When barbecuing sausage, there is not much that you can do wrong. However, these simple tips will ensure that your next grilled sausage is perfect!

When should the sausage go on the barbecue?

The right distance between grill and heat source

How to turn your favourite round foods on the grill

Make your own sausage

Make your own sausage

It is not difficult to make grilled sausages yourself and home-made sausages taste particularly good. All you need is minced meat, beer and spices for the mixture as well as some sausage skin and string. And you are good to go.

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