Fish and seafood

Tender fish, succulent seafood and fine shellfish: here we show you how delicacies taken from the water can become the star of the show when grilled on the barbecue.

A finely grilled sea bream is a particular delight.

Tender and succulent

Have you ever tried fish fresh from the barbecue? Or finely marinated mussels? Or octopus? These dishes need a little bit of care and attention – but with our recipes and a few tricks, you can create some true delights!

From the water to the barbecue

Prawn kebabs with chilli & avocado

Prawn kebabs with chilli & avocado

These kebabs with juicy prawns are quick and easy. Simply thread the prawns onto the skewers and marinate, then grill for approx. 4 mins. on each side. Hot chilli avocados make a super spicy accompaniment.

Grilled sea bream with rhubarb salsa

Grilled sea bream with rhubarb salsa

Grilling a whole fish is not difficult – find out just how easy it is in our FOOBY recipe. This sea bream takes just 6 mins. on each side. Enjoy with a summery, grilled rhubarb salsa for a sophisticated touch.

Grilled squid with fregola sarda

Grilled squid with fregola sarda

Par-cooked squid, covered and grilled for 20 mins. is quite the treat! It goes beautifully with fregola sarda salad. This is also easy to prepare.

Here's what you need for perfectly grilled fish

The right utensils make it even easier to cook fish

Use this for good results:

Use this for good results:

Of course you can simply place the fish on the grill and wait for it to cook. But you can also put trout, sea bream etc. in stylish fish grilling baskets and simply turn the whole thing. With delicate salmon or cod fillets, the non-stick grill plate also prevents sticking. And if you want to prepare something completely different: How about barbecued paella?

Find some great fish and seafood products

How to make a success of grilled items from the ocean:

our barbecue tips

The higher the fat content, the easier it is

Directly onto the barbecue or not?

That way, nothing sticks

With or without the shell?

Not all bivalves are the same

Keep it short and sweet: cooking times

How long exactly?

Do not turn too often

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